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Hospitality Training and Management of tour Packages

We design and package tours of dream trip destinations of various prices and for different purposes ranging from Weekend Get Away (WGA) to tours of ancient artifacts not to mention boat cruises. We make arrangements for our clients’ Accommodation, Ground Transportation and Excursion/Scheduled Itinerary Services. We develop; manage wholesale tourism and tourist destinations cultural focus tour packages tailored to the needs of clients.

We design, develop and Manage Amusement/Theme Parks and Gardens with a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Synergy. With our Tour Guides Training Program, we keep our clients wowed as our professional tour guides not only accompany these tourists but also furnish them with such historic information regarding their places or objects of interest which sometimes are considered “endangered” historical artifacts which must be preserved and protected. See more of these.

Hotel Sourcing and Procurement, Hospitality Training and Recruitment Specialized Services in Tourism and Hospitality Industry such as food confectioneries tailored to the needs-based demand of the different market segments of its clientele.

We organize trainings for hoteliers and personnel to keep abreast with hotel protocol etiquettes; meet and greet, housekeeping rules, telephone handling etiquettes etc. Hotel housekeeping operations is core to a successful hospitality business. There has been an increasing demand for trained professionals in the management of hotels especially now where there is a strong emphasis on ergonomics in the way hotels are being managed in line with hospitality best practices. Etishanet has come to fill this niche.