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Rent a Car /Hire Service

We have garnered over ten years experience in the provision of high-quality mobility solutions (Rent a Car) services; Etishanet has set the standard of excellence in the rental car business. We are driven on a business model that accentuates total customer satisfaction; leverages on strategic marketing tools as well as our cognate industry experience.

Our Car Rental Packages include;

  • Chauffeur Drive Service
  • Self-Drive
  • Intracity and intercity Service
  • Daily, Weekend, Monthly, Drop off and Pick up Services
  • On- Tour Transportation
  • Rent a Car for Meeting, Group Tours, Events

Other Services include;

  • Fleet Management
  • Lease Financing and
  • Car Trade in/ Buy Back Service
  • Corporate Car Leases
  • Protocol Service
  • School Runs
  • Escort Service
  • Full Leasing Service

We have tailored needs-based leasing service for our clients. We serve different market segments, small and medium size companies including multinationals. Apart from the full leasing arrangements, Etishanet also provides short period of rental services of minimum of 28 days for customers to take advantage of FULL benefits of our leasing arrangements ordinary you wouldn’t get on our daily rentals. These benefits can be gleaned as contained in our Terms and Conditions.