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Economic Research and Financial Management Consultancy Service

Etishanet Economic Research Consultancy (EERC) as part of the Etishanet Consortium imbued with macroeconomic techniques; we have a team of certified resource personnel with deep expertise in economics, finance, accounting and statistics. These are highly-skilled economists, accountants, financial analysts, industry   specialists with the relevant capabilities and industry capacity to effectively employ their expertise garnered in boardrooms and from the academia in the assessment of viability, stability and profitability of a business, sub-business or project.

We use quantitative and qualitative analysis to develop meaningful insights that addresses the client’s biggest challenges both operationally and economically.  These challenges would include revenue capture and market leakage issues, cost reduction strategies, cash flow shortages, and/or financial implications of care redesign initiatives.

As financial management consultants, we analyze and thoroughly review the financial workings (financial statements, expenses, tax rates, etc) of companies in order to develop an understanding of how the company makes and loses money. We equally make projections and estimations of future growth and assess better ways of doing business in order to maximize profits.  In broad terms we quantify current financial performance, benchmarks data against industry standards, analyze gaps and develop financial models.

As financial analysts, we offer Financial Advice to Enterprises, Corporate Bodies, Governments and other Public Parastatals. Our deliverables therefore include but not limited to; developing Business Plans, Financial Plans, Market Research Analysis, Equity Analysis, Business Valuation, Financial Forecasting, Investment Analysis, Retirement Planning, Cost Accounting, Quick Books, Bookkeeping and Reconciliations, Acquisition/Investment Targets Evaluation, Business Due Diligence, Stockpicking Analysis, Auditing, Costing/Budgeting, and Leakage Finding.

As part of our mantra for economic and financial analyses, we provide evidence-based critical insight and analysis on a range of business and public policy issues.  We also initiate and implement economic empowerment and Poverty Reduction Programmes using our highly qualified economic team with proven track record. EERC launches own “Economic Research Participatory Team” towards Sustainable Economic Development Projects that leave everybody “better off” than “worse off” with its team of seasoned economists from the Academia and corporate world by drawing on our collective industry and technical expertise to address the many interconnected issues clients face across the business cycle.