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Dreamtrip Luxury Lifestyle Travels

The Dreamtrip Luxury Lifestyle Travels and Tours Product is our desire to broaden the scope of travels and tours service business in Nigeria as a diversification strategy of the Etishanet Group into luxury vacation membership club. Our interest in taking our travels experience beyond the shores of the country is borne out of our passion to make our vacation club membership more than a just vacation, more than an opportunity to explore the world and pique people’s interest but to making people have fun, freedom and fulfillment.

We are imbued by this passion, drive and our deep knowledge and understanding of  the hospitality industry considering that the industry has been known to turn around the fortunes of many countries like Singapore, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Seychelles Island, Bahamas to mention a few. These were countries once upon a time, were struggling to sustain its people now being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Our interest was borne out of the clarion call by the stakeholders for the government to diversify its revenue base owing to the dwindling earnings from oil.

We offer specialized experiences in our tours with cultural focus and needs-based integrated tour services to treat our clients to wonderful and exciting destinations; we design different innovative activities for families, couples and group of friends. Our Dreamtrip Luxury Travels and Lifestyle experience is what the home can neither predict. We offer private cultural tours to many destinations in over 50 countries.

We help our DreamTrip Members in travelling arrangements, ticketing, hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, group visits, and Airport transfers/ground transportation. Dreamtrip membership Club is of fun, friendly, caring, adventurous and optimistic membership club for people coming together to create fun, freedom and fulfillment, not only in their lives but in the lives of others. This just a premium membership club for those who dream of travelling the world and create incredible memories. Our Dreamtrip experience is designed to put more life in your life, while giving the opportunity to helping people to make a living…living… READ MORE