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About Etishanet Group

The Company

The story of Etishanet began in 2006 with its first Corporate Headquarter at Ouagadougou, Wuse Zone 2, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria. Etishanet has undergone many transformations, which have repositioned the Brand. Our company, Etishanet is a private collaborative venture owned jointly by private individuals. The Board of Directors is made up of the Chairman, other private sector individuals and public sector stakeholders, who have the relevant capabilities and industry capacity to effectively employ the experiences garnered as boardroom executives and from the academia. This has emboldened us to drive service excellence, maintain market leadership to ensure long term growth of the Company and commensurate returns to shareholders.

We bring our expertise to bear in the assessment of the viability, stability and profitability of any business, sub-business or project. We have become a brand in the service industry and the leading edge in mobility solutions service delivery- Rent a Car, Fleet Management, and Trucking Logistic Services. We have also made a remarkable feat in our Agro-Allied business, a business unit in the Etishanet Group, for the production of Poultry Products, Grains and Cereals.

Our Dreamtrip Luxury Lifestyle Travels and Tours Product is also carefully designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. The Economic and Financial Advisory unit of the Company is manned by seasoned professionals and headed by an accomplished author, educator, a development economist, with a doctorate in macroeconomics and econometrics. This is evidenced by the many projects and programmes undertaken. We have been emboldened by this credential to raise the stakes for service excellence and maintain market leadership by taking up more ambitious projects and deliver best value in terms of pricing, product quality control and build a strong customer loyalty as we continue to leverage on our experience to bring positive impact to our Corporate Philosophy of “service value above price”.

Our Vision

We aim to create, attain and sustain propitiously high-quality management services with a strong competitive market force. Etishanet is set to achieve a brand name loyalty in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Economic Research and Financial Advisory, Management Consultancy Services and Agro-Allied industry through its customer focused, superior efficiency and innovative strategy that leverages on competencies, resources and capabilities with a synergistic effect on the overall goal of the company’s Corporate Philosophy- “Service value above price”.

Our Mission

To reshape and set precedence in the provision of a unique and valuable service delivery in the hospitality and tourism industry, Management Consultancy Services and other sundry products developed with the Etishanet Brand through a carefully researched broad product offerings with a systematic focus on dominating the hospitality market as well as the Management Service Industry through increased earnings per share, maximize the return on shareholders’ wealth and fulfill obligation to the Corporate Stakeholders of the Company. We aim to achieve this through professional leadership, investment in Research and Development, a dedicated skilled, innovative and creative workforce with a clear focus on the Corporate Philosophy of Etishanet Motto to offer excellent “service value above price”.

Strategic Intent

To offer World-Class quality products and services through a dedicated skilled, innovative and creative workforce with a clear focus on the Corporate Philosophy of Etishanet Motto to offer excellent “service value above price”.